Sunday April 2

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Re: Sunday April 2

Post by Kev M on Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:09 am

As a point of reference the 1TB V7 models introduced with my 13 Stone all say in the tech literature the regulators are set to 15V.

Now that sounds high to me, and to make matters worse it looks like the first 2-3 years of production saw a run with bad units many of them charging up to 15.4-15.5.

Mine, Cam's, and both of Jay's were. Mine was potentially doing it up to 3 years or so when it came to light that we should check them and my battery survived (though it may have taken some years off its life).

We all replaced the regulators with aftermarket ones that charge around 14.6V.

And of course it looks like the factory changed the regulators on later models to charge at that lower rate too.

Kev M

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