bool(false) Where is our sport going ?

Where is our sport going ?

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Where is our sport going ? Empty Where is our sport going ?

Post by mogu83 on Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:50 pm

Interesting insight into the motorcycle oriented publishing business.  Buzz Cantor is the publisher of a few motorcycle magazines, he rides in the MotoGiro and I buddied up with him one year.  This was an answer to what was happening in his business:

The entire print motorcycle magazine industry is in play.

Of the 3 major motorcycle magazine publishers, 2 (Paisano and Bonnier) are now on life support due to badly flawed strategies they put into play years ago. They have simply run out of options. Our TAM Communications (the third publisher) is OK.

Paisano folded 5 magazines into their last one - Easyriders, and that's in financial distress. Who needs to buy motorcycle soft core porn and fart jokes in print?

This month, Bonnier killed the print version of Sport Rider and Dirt Rider (but, for some reason you can still buy a new subscription for them) folded Baggers into Hot Bike, and cut that back from 12 to 6 issues. Motorcyclist is already at 6 issues, and Cycle World is slashed to 4 issues a year.

On the other hand, our American Iron Magazine is still published every 4 weeks (13 issues a year) and our all tech and DIY American Iron Garage is at 6 issues.

Print is NOT dead, but poorly managed publications with flawed strategies are.


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Where is our sport going ? Empty Re: Where is our sport going ?

Post by egschade on Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:11 pm

I also read this piece and it's a clear sign of the times. Digital media is here and is absolutely destroying print. Companies like mine are on a seek and destroy mission to convert all paper documents into digital images then turn the old stuff into toilet paper. The same is true for magazines. While there are many, such as myself, who prefer an analog reading experience, I think it's a foregone conclusion that print magazines will be in the minority.

The larger social issue at hand is whether or not this discriminates against any social or economic group. There is talk of legislation that will mandate (there are already guidelines in place) equal access to digital media for all people. That means government programs to put tablets, computers and/or smartphones into anyone's hand who wants one. That also means an internet connection to deliver media to that device. The bottom line here is that while you may think digital media is free - it is far from it. Those with the ability to pay will pay extra to subsidize those who can't. Those taxes are already on your internet and mobile bills.

I don't think print will ever completely go away, but it's going to be lower frequency, lighter content, more ads and probably more expensive. I love having a magazine with me at the beach or when traveling - it's so much easier then trying to read a tablet in the sunlight and I avoid getting hosed with private internet access. And there's something creepy about carrying a device with a camera into the bathroom...

I will miss my monthly reads. (Queue the song, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot")

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