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Monthly rides and stuff Empty Monthly rides and stuff

Post by mogu83 on Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:45 am

Seeing as the same five or six (I'm being generous) keep showing up for monthly rides, maybe it's time for a discussion.   I understand that in the winter it's expected that the turn out will be a lot less that in the summer.
Monthly Ride
What would be best Breakfast or lunch?
Should the place be moved every month or stay in the same place?
Is the ideal location North,South or Central?

There are 34 people on the list (maybe 15 active) please contribute your thoughts on how to make the group more vibrant.

Other Stuff:
Group rides, is there any interest in going to weekend type MC rallies ?
Any interest in National type rallies (Guzzi, Beemer or whatever)?  
How about an overnight ride to some destination and stay in a motel?
What kind of MC activity are you interested in?
Do you camp, would you like to try?

Maybe a short (or long) comment of why your on this list and what you expect out of it.

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Monthly rides and stuff Empty Re: Monthly rides and stuff

Post by BigRagu on Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:45 pm

Admittedly, I haven't done much with the group this year. Found myself in a sort of personal slump recently. That being said, I can give you some of my thoughts to some of your questions.
    I'm not much for camping. The few events I went to, stayed at hotels, which for me worked well.
    Lunch works better for me, especially when the location dictates a longer ride, and the temps dip low in early morning. (I did show up for some bone chilling meets, though)
    A central location in the state might be easier for northern folks, but then us central riders would be favored, so, that's a toss up. The same place might be boring, think a variety of establishments works. Was thinking of touring micro breweries, not that I'm a big drinker, but think it might be interesting.
    I know scheduling is tough, due to the fact that some of you attend other event, (rallies and such) but a fixed day of the month may work for others. Most "clubs" do follow a set day of month, which does allow for better planning for those local riders.
    Just thought I'd start the ball rolling as requested. I hope to continue riding in the future, and as possible,   meeting up with you guys in future gatherings.
               Happy Holiday, Carmine


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